Eric A. Ryser

Born: Kansas 1976

BFA: Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS

MFA: Cranbrook Academy of Art
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Having been trained as a traditional object maker in non-ferrous metals, my past ten years have been strictly focused in iron/steel. One process in particular is the use of nitric acid to etch detailed patterns in plate steel. Previous experience with intaglio printmaking has resurfaced in my metal work. I use the same process as a printmaker would in dealing with multiples. Once the pattern is determined, it is then etched into steel while still in plate form. When the selected numbers of prints are made, the plate is then struck. The striking then becomes the actual act of forging or fabricating the material into a physical object. In doing all of this, it allows me to explore the realm of two-dimension while continuing to be a three-dimensional artist.

My work has been shown in two-person and group exhibitions in many places in the United States and Europe, including Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art in Kansas City, Kansas, the Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, the National Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, Tennessee, the Marianna-Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, Kansas, the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton Massachusetts.